Texas Tone Traveler Amp

Inspired by Justin Ahmanson of The Traveling Ones, who wanted a small lightweight amp that sings (the Texas Tone Ahmanason Special), I took the popular Texas Tone Ranger circuit and adopted it for a small yet powerful 12″ combo amp.

The Texas Tone Traveler is a 12″ combo amp that weighs in at only 34 pounds, and yet packs tons of sound and versatility. Two channels, gain, and volume controls allow you to go from clean to dirty and back again, at any volume level.

The Vintage channel with my high/low Tone control provides vintage tube tone. With a single gain stage, you can play at apartment bedroom levels, or wide-open gigging levels and get that sweet singing vintage tube sound live, at home, or in the studio.

The High Gain channel has gain, treble, bass, and volume controls to get cleans or get overdrive distortion at any volume level. I’ve seen guitarist use an A/B box to switch channels (a channel switching relay is optional on new builds); I’ve even seen keyboard players put their piano in one side and their organ in the other!

As an added bonus, it’s extremely pedal friendly, and low on noise and hiss.

For a highly portable, highly flexible, totally versatile combo amp, check out the Texas Tone Traveler!

  • 34 pounds
  • 40 Watts
  • 6L6 power
  • 12″ Jensen speaker

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