The Edge Signature Fender Deluxe™ Amplifier

Recently, the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation introduced a new signature guitar amplifier, The Edge Signature Fender Deluxe™ Amplifier.  In the words of the U2 guitarist, The Edge “just need[ed] a simple, small little amp.”  He ended up with a mid-1950s tweed Fender Deluxe™ Amplifier, and loved the tone so much that he worked with Fender to replicate it in a production guitar amplifier.

According to The Edge, it’s “based on a ’50s circuitry, but with certain modifications.”  The Fender ad copy states that it has an “updated tone stack design for tighter bass response” and is “extremely dynamic and interactive preamp circuit.”  Without a doubt, I believe both of those statements to be true.

Fender goes on to state that “This amplifier features hand-wired circuitry, performed by an actual person at a workbench…” and that “The tonal richness and touch-sensitive dynamics of real tubes have… [defined] the sound of musical recordings and performances you’ve heard your whole life.”  Again, no doubt.

Like The Edge Signature Fender Deluxe™ Amplifier, the Texas Tone 12 and Texas Tone D5E tube guitar amplifiers features:

  • Hand-wired circuitry, performed by an actual person at a workbench (me!)
  • Tonal richness and touch-sensitive dynamics of real tubes.
  • An updated tone stack design.  I use a variable high pass/low pass filter for a tone control, not a treble roll-off, such as a guitar tone control.
  • A dynamic preamp circuit.  I have re-voiced the preamp for more 1st stage gain and less 2nd stage gain, finding that this returns a more creamy, less harsh, less buzzy distortion at higher volume levels.

Additionally, the Texas Tone 12™ and D5E™ tube guitar amplifiers feature:

  • A lower noise floor from a more electronically sound grounding scheme than the amps of the 1950s.
  • Improved frequency response, with less emphasis on the extreme low end, and an interesting crunchy distortion reminiscent of the old blues and rock of the 1950s and 1960s, a beautiful vintage sound.
  • A more reliable and durable power circuit that operates at a much more reasonable dissipation level and protects its tubes with a standby switch.

Players like my amps, saying things such as:

  • “Creamy tone!
  • “THE BEST amp choice I ever made!”
  • “the crisp cleans, and crunchy punch and pop I’m always looking for.”
  • “They were awesome…and totally handmade custom…coolest amps I have ever seen!”

I enjoy helping guitarists sound better.  It’s in my nature.

Better living through better tone.